Nova App Review – Nova Trader – 100% ITM Legit Software or a Scam??

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Nova App Review – Is Nova Trader really ‘a can’t lose system’?

Or is Nova Trader a Scam!!

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Nova App is a Binary Options Robot Auto Trading Software that can win 100% of the time. Well, the CEO Michael Newberry has made claims of this, so it must be true, right? Personally, I have my doubts. Mainly because I have never seen one and in fact, I’ve never heard of any Binary Trading Software that works that well. You have to ask yourself, is the Nova Trader App real? Or just another Binary Options Software Scam??

The following Scam Review will reveal some startling facts that I’m sure will leave no doubt in your mind what the truth is. We shall look at the people behind Nova App and dig a little deeper into the workings of the actual Nova Software itself. Are they being as transparent as we are lead to believe?

Nova Trader app s featured image for cheating scam review

Official Website:
Creator/Founder: Michael Newberry
Service provided: Fully Automatic Binary Options Trading Robot
Skill level required: Beginner upwards
Installation:  45 min Download necessary. 
Expected ITM Rates: 100% ITM
Implied Potential Profits: $5,250 per day!!
 Minimum Deposit: $250
Purchase Price: FREE

How can the Nova App achieve such amazing results?

I’m sorry to give it to you straight so soon in the Nova App scam review, but here at Binary Options we are not going to lie to you. Our Scam reviews are thorough and deadly serious. There’s innocent peoples money at stake after all, and we know that. This sadly is starting to sound like another dishonest money making scheme. 

The fact is, a winning percentage of 100% is totally impossible. Yes, you can have a few trading sessions that may end with no losses but over time, you will lose. One or two at least. This happens in Binary Options Trading and Financial Trading in general. But it’s not such a bad thing.

It’s having more wins than losses that matter! 75% more to be exact!

This is enough evidence in my eyes all ready to label Nova App another one of the many Binary Options Trading Scams. But for the sake of fairness and being totally certain, we shall continue with our examination of the facts.

What about the Nova App Software

In the video presentation, Mr Newberry explains to us in some detail about the Nova Trader Software. He suggests it took him 3 and a half years with the help of the best WallStreet Market Analysts and computer programmers to perfect the system.

Now with most successful automated binary options trading services, there is at least one or two binary trading strategies at the core of it. A lot of Scammers will skim over these fine details and just tell you it works, and not to worry about the technical stuff.


In other words, they don’t have a clue what to tell you, there is no strategy! Apart from the one to relieve you of your hard earned cash!

Even so, Nova App does have a strategy, apparently. The men with the brains have figured out a way, with a specialised programme and supercomputers. The Nova App Software focuses on Repetitive Patterns of the assets. They compare the present patterns to the patterns the assets have produced in times gone by, even from years ago. After analysing these patterns the Nova App Software can then predict the market movement and therefore be able to select winning trades. To the accuracy of 100%, so they claim.

Equally important, if not more so. They suggest the Nova App Scam is working alongside Cloud Hosting Servers which will accelerate the ability to place an investment. These globally targeted servers are able to operate 7 millionths of a second faster than their closest rivals. Which makes this an extremely powerful machine!

So extraordinary that you can generate an astounding $5250 every day! They have 843 members that are making this kind of profit, every day!

Nova app fake bank statements screenshot for dishonest scam review

As you can see, each of them is making exactly the same amount, not one different from the other. Now, that’s ridiculous!!

Ok, let get real….

If any of this nonsense was real, I still don’t believe they could achieve a zero loss record. For example, Michael mentions you will have to download the Nova App Software and it will take 45 minutes. This is unusual as nearly all legitimate binary options software applications are browser based and there is no download necessary. I would not trust downloading anything from these crooks on to my PC. They will probably have their hands on your passwords and bank details by the end of the 45 minutes, as well.

Moreover, if you are running software for the Nova App Scam on your own computer, you can only run the high-tech analysis features as fast as your computer operating system can compute it. Regardless of how quick the super fast Cloud Hosting can cope with the information. It has to be web based to achieve this!

Anyway, it’s all make believe anyway so there’s no point in trying to make sense of it!

Nova App Scam Personalities

Normally when we write binary options auto trading reviews, we scrutinise and investigate the spokesperson/CEO first. But the unrealistic projected profits were so outlandish we consequently had to focus on that first. Nonetheless, there is not actually very much to write on Michael Newberry. The self-proclaimed creator of the Nova App and CEO of their parent company ‘Nova Holdings’ is fictitious. There is no business or company of that name and I can not find his face or name anywhere near the financial sector or WallStreet. He’s clearly a con-artist and just a front for this fraudulent scheme. 

Nova Trader app cheating CEO Michael Newberry used in scam review

Meanwhile, the Testimonials…

We have also noticed on other trustworthy and reputable review sites like BinaryOptionsArmy that the Nova App Scam has used different deceptive images. have since taken some off their front home page as they were found out to be phoney. The Nova App Scam production team have literally stolen them from other legitimate websites.

Well, unfortunately for them, I have uncovered some more lies!

Two of the testimonials are also worthless. They have again used the images from other websites, placed fake names by the faces and tried to fool you. If Nova App was performing so wonderfully they would surely have hundreds of happy people they could choose from to endorse their product.

I shall use one for example. I’m sure you will agree, that one will be enough to convince you of their dishonesty. Stupidly, they have used the face of a well know Author. I think someone in the marketing department at the Nova App Scam headquarters could be in trouble for this mistake.

Nova Trader app false testimonial of jennifer niven used in scam review

Apparently, Sarah Foster has been doing very well thanks to the Nova App Scam!

Nova Trader app using stolen images of jennifer niven in scam review

Sourced from

Although, she seems quite happy to be Jennifer Niven the famous writer, doesn’t she? This is a telltale sign of Binary Scams.

Nova App Software – Conclusion

Unfortunately, Nova App is not the real robot we all hoped it might be. Instead, it will be gaining access to my binary options Scams list. There were too many indications that the Nova App Scam was put together by shady characters that simply want to trick you out of your money. Yes, the binary options minimum deposit would still be your money but by the sound of it. This software would have depleted your balance very quickly indeed. You need to stay away from this bogus system!

Final Review Verdict: Nova App is a Scam!

That being said, there is good news….

If you want to get into trading and you are a beginner, there are a few legit binary options robots. But you need to do your research and double check with binary trading reviews like this. We review and test different signal services regularly and have found a few trustworthy systems which we have made good money with and so recommend them to others.

We only recommend auto trading software that we have tried ourselves. You can see are trading results on our YouTube Channel here. If you sign up with any of these Auto Traders using our links or banner on this website we can offer you extra support with any problems you might have or advice on the operation of them. We are here to help you succeed! 

Best performing Auto-Trader Signal service at present is:

software binary sign up banner for scam review

Epix Trader software forex sign up banner for scam review

Thank you for reading our Nova App Scam Review. We hope we have helped give you the crucial information you deserve to know to stay clear of this dangerous scam.

Please feel free to leave any comments below with questions or experiences, they are important to us. Also, please share our Scam Review, it helps to pass the word to other possible victims.

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