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First of all, let me say that I am not being paid for this review, yes I do Trade myself and yes, I am a member of Mikes Signals Group on Facebook but I am purely writing this Review to pass on my knowledge and point people in the right direction.

I have been involved with Binary Options Trading for some time now and have come across all kinds of Signals Groups along the way that promises their member’s amazing results. The problem is they very rarely live up to their own expectations and even if they do happen to generate some good Trading results, they just can not keep it up consistently. Now I’m not just talking about the few Binary Options Signals Groups that are free to join but also the Signals Groups which can charge you a fixed fee or even a Monthly/Yearly fee, and I can tell you, some of these are not cheap!

Now, Mikes Signals Group on Facebook is so different and in so many ways this will be one of the easiest reviews I will write. It really does stand out in the crowd but there is a lot of competition in BinaryOptions Trading which brings with it a huge amount of haters if there is something working out there you can be sure someone will put it down and with lies if necessary. Well, I know Michael Freeman, and I know his Signals Group on Facebook extremely well and now through BinaryOptions Boomerang, I have the opportunity to share my totally honest and sincere review. I have been a member from almost the start and I have watched it grow from strength to strength. It has developed from just a couple of experienced Traders passing on their very accurate Trading Signals with a few of happy winning Traders to a full-blown BinaryOptions Trading Community! I can not stress this enough, yes there are thousands of Members now but it honestly does feel like a Family, it’s quite incredible and by the way, totally Free! I can get you access to this Private Group when you place a deposit in one of my Top Rated Brokers, you will also be eligible to receive our Boomerang Cash Back Deal. But please read on, I want you to know the facts about this Signals Group first.

Now if you don’t know of Michael Freeman or have not heard of him you must be new to BinaryOptions, which is fine, in fact, it’s great as now you won’t have to waste lots of time and cash trying to find the best way to make money with BinaryOptions. Michael Freeman is the leading authority in BinaryOptions, he has hundreds of Videos on YouTube which contain enormous amounts of information about Trading techniques, Strategies and Webinars, not only from himself but from his Team of immensely experienced Administrators. He also has several Websites dedicated to bringing his readers all the up to date information of the latest Trading Software, which may well be worth a look at or in most cases you should stay well clear of, they will simply rob you blind. He definitely goes the extra mile to help everyone become prosperous in BinaryOptions and it’s clear to see, the Signals Group is an excellent example of this.

Mikes signals group on facebook

Mikes Signals Group now has six full-time Administrators, five of which supply the Finest Trading Signals you will see online and Valentina who keeps a close eye on everything makes sure the Trades are executed correctly and fairly and all the member adhere to the rules. Due to the fact, the Admins are from various parts of the World you will see Signals around the clock sometimes 24 hours a day depending on their time zones. One of the things which make this Signals Group extraordinary, and there are many, is Michael Freeman actually pays his Administrators well every week to generate Top Quality Signals and pushes them to achieve the best results possible. For extra incentive he also offers a Bonus for any Traders that manage to obtain a number of winning Trades in a row, this can vary but it usually starts at 5 and the Bonuses are in the hundreds of Dollars so you can imagine how hard the Admins are working to do their best. The Winning results are quite outstanding as you will see below and you won’t find anything close to that in any other BinaryOptions Signals Group on Facebook or anywhere online, I promise you! Something else especially different about Mikes BinaryOptions Signal Group is the reputation of the Group is attracting some exceptionally skilful Traders as members. Michael recognises this and if they can show legit evidence of their successful Trading he offers them the opportunity to give Trading Signals in the Group. They have to be able to achieve above 65% winning Trades, which is the threshold for making a profit and if they produce more than 2 losing Trades in a session they must stop until the following day. This Strategy works exceedingly well and everyone benefits as the members who also give Trading Signals are also entitle to the repetitive winning Trade Bonuses which are on offer, so as you can see the hunger for high-quality Signals is immense!

I have attached a couple of screenshots from the Signals Group wall to show you a few of the results you can expect, they are first-class. The Administrators Rene, Afzal, Lan and Snir are consistently above 75% and recently for about 2 months have been able to reproduce results above 80-85% and this is weekly, some sessions they are seeing 100% which is quite remarkable! Even the members like Cristian below have been giving Signals that produce winning results of over 7-80% and more on occasions. It’s no wonder this is regarded as the very Best BinaryOptions Signals Group on Facebook and the whole Internet! See below some recent results.


Mikes binaryoptions signals group on facebook

mikes binaryoptions signals group on facebook


mikes binaryoptions signals on facebook

As you can see not only are the results impressive but the messages give you the idea of how the feeling is in the Group, this really is like no other Signals Group anywhere, the feeling of Family and togetherness is infectious. Not only do the Admins bend over backwards to help you become successful but you’ll find the older members helping the newer ones too. This really is a huge money making machine and the Signal providers take is personally when a losing Trade pops up, they care deeply about the members and their money, but BinaryOptions Trading is not a 100% guaranteed so losing Trades do come up but are far outweighed by the winning Trades in this Group and that’s what it’s all about! As if this wasn’t enough, Michael Freeman and his Administrators are continually recording educational videos which help their members to read the Markets and understand how the Signal providers produce their Signals which enables them to follow the Signals more effectively. They offer regular Webinars, now weekly, where you can join the Admins for a few hours to either learn new Strategies or to Trade alongside them and increase your Bank Balance in the process, sometimes Markets permitting you can see some successful Trades even while your learning.

Michael Freeman puts a lot of energy into his Signals Group on Facebook, no only his money to make it successful but his time too. He is constantly online interacting with the members, where else would you get the owner so involved and on hand to help you? He has his finger on the pulse of BinaryOptions and is tirelessly in pursuit of honest and trustworthy Trading Software that he can share with you but more importantly, he keeps an eye out for Scams that lurk in every corner of the BinaryOptions industry. He regularly posts warnings of Trading Software that will rip you off, take all your money and leave you with empty pockets. But he will also just come by and leave a message to the members of the Signals Group motivating them and generally just leaving them with a feel good factor all round.

Take a look at one of his messages after the recent events we’ve had in Paris, quite touching as I’m sure you will agree.

Mikes binaryoptions signals on facebook

Before I finish up I just want to share with you a couple of screenshots of the members count, in less than 3 months Mikes BinaryOptions Signals Group has gained over 900 members! That’s just in 3 months, it’s now over 3,000 members! Now it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out something amazing is happening here. Take a look for yourself below, notice the dates.

mikes binaryoptions signals group on facebook



mikes binaryoptions signals group on facebook

Members Update! Now over 8,000 people!!

Mikes binary options signals on facebook

My Conclusion:

In my opinion and this is shared by hundreds of people Worldwide, Mikes BinaryOptions Signals Group on Facebook is by far the Finest Signals Group Online. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Trader you simply can’t go wrong by joining this Group. I can not emphasise enough how good this Group is but I hope my review has given you an insight into how it’s run and how it feels to be a member.

Here’s an outline of the advantages and what the Group has to offer.

  • 100% Free Registration, no fees at all!
  • Well Paid Administrators with Cash Bonuses for consistently high winning Trades
  • Well over 35 High-Quality Trading Signals are given through the day and night.
  • Trading Signals are consistently over 80% in the money.
  • Trading videos from the experts and regular Webinars.
  • Unequalled Support from the whole Team

You can join by placing a deposit with one of our Top Rated Brokers and also for a limited time we have a Boomerang Cash Back Offer. Please contact me before placing a deposit so I can sync you with the BinaryOptions Broker and make arrangements for your Cash Back Deal.

If you would like to join Mikes BinaryOptions Signals Group on Facebook please contact me at [email protected]

One more thing, here is a short message from the Owner himself, Michael Freeman.


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