Mikes AutoTrader Honest Review-Scam or Not?

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Mike’s AutoTrader Honest Review – Is it a Scam or Not?

Boomerang Rating: (4.7 / 5)              Mikes AutoTrader.com

Who is Mike?

With Mikes AutoTrader Honest Review firstly lets’s look at who created this and see what credentials he has to bring out his own AutoTrading Software. Mike or Michael Freeman as he is more commonly know is all over the internet regarding Trading Binary Options and he has been around a long time. He has several Websites on the subject and over 200 videos on YouTube, which range from Broker advice, tips and tricks and First Class Trading Strategies which show actual live Trading with great success. The man is the leading authority when it comes to Binary Options Trading and rightly so, he started with just a few short videos, gained thousands of subscribers and now has the biggest Binary Options YouTube Channel. His Binary Options Signals Group on Facebook has over 4000 happy Traders in it and is truly the Best on the whole internet! Check out my Full review on it Here. One thing always stood out when I watched a clip of his, he was so passionate and transparent, whether it be a new Trading Strategy or especially a new Scam he had exposed. He hates Scammers and won’t stop until they are all expelled from the industry, which is obviously great for all of us! With his wealth of experience and industry knowledge, you can feel assured he knows what he’s talking about.

Mikes autotrader front page

So is it a Scam?

When you delve deeper, there is always one common denominator with all of Mike’s actions, he’s a giver! All the videos are informational and are purely looking out for Traders interests. With his insider knowledge, he tirelessly tracks down every Scam out there and informs everyone about bogus Signal providers and useless Trading Software that we otherwise would never have found out about. He pays his own Traders handsomely to give high-quality Signals in his Facebook Group, and they do, consistently, they are motivated to do so. He even pays them bonuses when they achieve a string of winning Trades which you can imagine lifts the success rate even higher. Mikes AutoTrader is also FREE, although he does request that his Traders to give a small donation to any Charity of their choice but he also mentions in his Sign up Video, that if you are in a tight situation he may look past this as he does want this to be available for everyone. He firmly believes those that give in turn shall receive. These personality traits do not sound like the actions of a Scammer to me.

This is NOT a Scam, and as Mike puts it himself….”its a Money Making System!”

Mikes AutoTrader

So, now about Mike’s AutoTrader

Mike developed this Trading Software to be Semi-Automatic, too many pieces of Software that are fully Auto can result in Trades being taken without your knowledge with discouraging results. Mike wanted his AutoTrader to be more controllable but user-friendly also, you will be given regular signals which can be up to 60 per day if not more on occasions where you will be able to choose which one you prefer to take. You are offered a selection of assets that are being tracked for potential signals, their expiry times and payout percentages will be displayed and you are given the option to ‘Get Signal’ on any of these. Once you have clicked on the button there is a short wait, around 30 seconds to collect the data and you will be given the choice of the amount you would like to invest and the Signal to place either a Put or a Call Trade. It really is that easy!

The only thing you have to be aware of is fundamentals, this is where active news releases from around the World could effect the Financial Market and make it unstable. Fortunately, Mikes AutoTrader has given you quick access to news events which are ongoing and are also coming up using a Financial Calendar, this is crucial in Binary Options Trading. It’s important to keep an eye on this as the Software will not take these into consideration when supplying you with Signals. News events are sometimes too hard to predict the outcome of and markets can act erratically afterwards. Trading around these events will certainly give you the best results.

What results you can expect

Most AutoTrader software falls to the wayside quickly due to the bad performance and just not living up to the expectations and claims. Mikes AutoTrader, on the other hand, has been around for well over a year now and is still going strong, this is a rarity in this industry. There are positive reviews all over the internet and it’s still number one choice for a lot of people, anything connected to Michael Freeman is in big demand because they simply work and they’re changing people’s lives. Making Money at home has never been so achievable.

Mikes AutoTrader over this time has been able to consistently produce winning rates between 70-85% and averages out at around 75-80%. Now, these are the percentages you can seriously make some cash with, there will be lower days, of course, Binary Options Trading has its ups and down but to deliver results like this is truly remarkable.

What’s required

As I mentioned before, Mikes AutoTrader is Totally FREE, you do not have to download anything, it works through your browser and it’s best to run on Google Chrome. You are given a reputable Broker to sign up with, this will be picked by location so you can be offered the ideal package and Minimum Deposit is usually $250. Traders from the U.S. are also welcome, a Trustworthy Broker will be found for you but unfortunately, some areas like India and the Maldives are restricted.

Mikes AutoTrader Conclusion and Bonus Offer

  • Trading Software created by Michael Freeman a well-known prominent figure in the Binary Options Industry, extremely trustworthy!
  • Totally Free, no annual, Monthly or Weekly fees or Charges.
  • Consistent Winning rates between 70-85% over a year period.
  • The ability to make your own Asset choice and Investment amounts.
  • Full Support given.

We are have done our research and feel so confident with this Software we are placing Mikes AutoTrader in our Recommended Signals page.

As a Bonus, if you register with Mikes AutoTrader you are also invited to Join Mikes Binary Options Signals Group on Facebook also for FREE!

  1. Clear your cookies and cache by following the instructions HERE, this will allow the software to work correctly.
  2. Register with the Broker selected and place your deposit.
  3. Contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly add you to Mikes Binary Options Signals Group.

Simply Click on the Button and start Trading!

Sign Up Here

If you’re interested in Trading on your own or in Mikes Binary Options Signals Group on FaceBook you will also gain free entry when you sign up with one of our Top Rated Trusted Brokers.

If you do sign up with one of our Brokers you will be entitled to our introductory Boomerang Cash Back offer of between $40 and $50.

Contact us at the E-mail address below before you make your deposit.

If you have any questions at all or have any problems with the Signup, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve any issues and will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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  1. Mike’s Autotrader is still my favorite out of all the trading systems released, you just can’t beat the combo of his autotrader plus his Facebook signals group. Excellent review I must say.

  2. Michael J says:

    Thank you Chantel. I totally agree with you, they are both outstanding.

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