MS Management Software Review – Safe Trading Service or is it a Scam??

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Is MS Management Software a Scam? Or legit Account Manager?

Next generation Automated Binary Options Trading System?

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MS Management Software Scam Review

The big questions that are on everyone’s lips are usually, how to trade Binary Options Successfully? And how to find a Binary Trading Software that works? We do our best here with our Binary Options Auto Trading reviews. We uncover the Scams and Blacklist them and if we find something that looks anything like legitimate binary options software, we deposit the minimum $250 and test it ourselves before we recommend it.

Today could be one of those days, in other words, after the MS Management Software review, it could be a real contender and it’s Free. Not totally free but I’m sure you will not be put off when you understand. I’ll explain in more detail later in our scam review.

MS management software logo for scam review

The MS Management Software Details:
Official Website:
Creator/Founder: Christopher Fernard
Service provided: Fully and Semi Automatic Trading with Personal Fund Management
Skill level required: Beginner upwards
Expected ITM Rates: 80% or higher
Implied Potential Profits: Dependant of investment amount but designed for high long term profit.
Assigned Broker: Several Trustworthy and verified Brokers offered depending on GEO location
Withdrawals: 3 – 5 business days direct via original funding method
Support: YES
Minimum Deposit: $250
Purchase Price: Free software. Payments of 8% of the profits generated each month. The first month free!

Christopher Fernard, the fund manager and the brains behind MS Management Software has created a system that is unique! Now, that is a bold statement but it’s true. During our Binary Options trading software reviews, we have seen lots of different systems and strategies. During this investigation, MS Management Software was found to be the first to include an MDA (Managed Discretionary Account)For those of you that are unfamiliar with these, it’s a service where your investments are maintained and your portfolio is managed on your behalf.

To put it another way, you have a personal fund manager looking after all your investments. Yes, there is automated software and a browser-based dashboard for you to semi-control. But behind the scenes, there is a team of investment managers pulling all the strings. No other Binary Options signals Software has had the human touch involved before. This is an exciting trading application!

What is a fund manager?

The fund manager, Christopher Fernard is responsible for creating and implementing an investment strategy. One that will bring strong returns on their client’s investments at minimal risk. He originally worked for high-end clients but after finishing the development of his ‘MS Management Software’ this year he changed direction.

MS is actually based on a Forex Educational company which has had 5 years of solid results, they used the experience from that to fine tune this system and now it can yield results of over 80% ITM (In The Money) rates. Moreover, these results are part of a long-term strategy which should remain constant.

A quality fund manager can be the make or break or any investment portfolio. So to make sure he started this company on the right foot and stayed there. Fernard gathered around him his most senior investments managers and their junior traders, most of which have more than 10 years experience in forex and binary trading.

 Another special and unique feature the MS Management Software review has revealed is they use a MAM which is a ‘Multi Account Manager’. This means the binary trade software system gathers all the individual investments from the vast amount traders connected to the MS Management Software. This is then pooled together into a single master account. This allows the fund managers to have a great deal of control of the investments and thus lowering the risk value. The more I write the MS Management Software review, the more I am liking what I discover.

How does the MS Management Software work?

One of the many benefits of this system has is how the trades are handled and selected. Due to the human factor being involved, trade phycology can now be taken into consideration. If you have been trading for some time you will understand how this can affect trade selection positively and negatively. Having highly experienced and professional Traders making these decisions can make the difference between winning and losing.

The trading strategies used are tried and tested indicators and most traders have used them, I know I do myself.  Deep analysis of trend movements with the aid of support and resistance levels are used to trade short to medium term investments. The Management Software will cater for all 4 different assets, currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. Their primary targets are USD, EURO, GBP and AUD but other pairs will not be excluded. Gold is also a favourite. These offer a high return with lower risk execution.

Under Christopher’s Fernard’s leadership his team are coordinated to use these strategies and incorporate them into the MS Management Software Algorithms. Along with money management principles. These will be implemented around the clock following the various market opening hours across the world, ensuring everyone connected to the Management Software will have the latest and most accurate signals and trades placed.

Is MS Management Software a Scam? I doubt it from our intensive study of the details.

MS management software platform for scam review

Ok, so how much?

The development team thought long and hard about how much to charge for the Management Software. They consider it to be the best automated trading software on the market today. But they wanted it within reach for all day-traders.

They decided on giving the actual Software away for Free and then taking a percentage after that from the profits generated by the MS Management Software. Now the figure they arrived on was 8% and I can tell you from experience that if you were to hire a fund manager they would be asking for in excess of 15% at least. You may be wondering why you need to pay when there are a lot of binary option robot auto trading software apps that are totally free.

That may be true but I guarantee you they will not work as well as this software, and continue to carry on working. Besides, 8 percent is nothing. I’m sure if you won $1000 you would not mind parting with just $80. I know I wouldn’t. Furthermore, as a Bonus, they are giving you the first month completely Free!

To be honest, I quite like the idea. It is a win-win situation if the owner of the software only receives money when you generate profits then it’s in their interests to give you the best performance the system can provide. These are not the usual tactics of a scammer. The MS Management Software production looks extremely legit!

 MS management software bonus offer of 1 free month for scam review

What performance can we expect?

During the viewing, there were no exact figures given regarding the amount of money you could generate using the MS Management Software. Which is fair enough. There are so many variables that can affect the cash profit, for instance, investment amount and trading frequency. It was refreshing not to see unrealistic figures given out to try and seduce you though. I think the system has so much to offer, it doesn’t need cheap tactics like that anyway. If the winning rate is 80% and above then this will perform very well. 

I am convinced enough of its legitimacy that I have already signed up with the service and deposited $250 in the assigned Broker. I will be testing it thoroughly and will be recording the results on our YouTube Channel. You can see our first Trading Results here!

I encourage you to subscribe and follow our review results over the next few weeks.

MS Management Software Review – Scam Conclusion

During our inspection of the presentation and the information that was given. We could not find any clear indications that this is a Scam. The home page was clean and free of scarcity counters or pop-ups that are usually a sign of a dishonest money making scheme. No claims to make you rich overnight and more importantly, we could not find any evidence of foul play. All the personalities used in the production have checked out ok and no imposters or fake identities were used.

In our opinion MS Management Software review has revealed it to be legit until proven otherwise. Our testing will begin right away and the results will be shared will you asap. Check out our other trusted signal providers if you want some proven options.

Final Verdict – MS Management Software is Legit and could be the best binary option software on the market at this time.

The MS Management Software is NOT a Scam!

How to sign up and register with MS Management Software?

  1. Click Here for Free Managed Account and Free Software
  2. Enter your name and email on landing page then fill out small details to register with Broker.
  3. Deposit the minimum amount in the Broker (This is your money to trade with)
  4. Simple as that! You are ready to make money! Enjoy your Trading!


Thank you for reading our MS Management Software Scam Review. We hope we have reassured you and helped with the task of finding legitimate binary options software.

Please leave any comments below with questions or experiences, they are important to us. Also, please share our Scam Review, it helps to pass the word!

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What are your experiences with MS Management Software or any other Binary Options Services?

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