Equinox Trading Software – Honest Review – Is Equinox a Scam?

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Equinox Trading Software Scam Review

Honest impartial review: Is Equinox Trading Safe?

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Equinox Trading claims to have created an automated binary options trading software. Anthony Johnson, the CEO proudly proclaims the Equinox Software can actually generate an impressive $10,000 a month. Every Month! Now, if you can make such a fantastic amount of money like that, there has to be a super strategy and algorithm powering this, right? Well, we’ll look at that a lot closer in a few moments.

The Equinox Trading Software has been programmed to perform on complete Autopilot. It can double your initial deposit in just a few hours without you even being present. Excellent…or is it?

This, of course, is ideal for beginners and anyone with a tight schedule. Imagine turning the Software on and then going out. Only to find out Equinox Trading has made you hundreds of dollars in your absence. Sounds fantastic eh?

Official Website: EquinoxTrading.co
Creator/Founder: Anthony Johnson
Service provided: Automatic Binary Options Trading Robot
Skill level required: Beginner upwards
Installation:  No download necessary. Browser based on all platforms.
Expected ITM Rates: 96% ITM
Implied Potential Profits: $10,000 per month
Assigned Broker: Unknown
Withdrawals: Unknown
Availability: Unknown
Support: YES
Minimum Deposit: $250
Purchase Price: FREE

I think it’s time for us to investigate!

Before you go running to sign up, please read on, it may save you some hard earned cash.

Equinox Trading Software Scam review. Screen shot of presentation page.2

Let’s take a look at the founder first – Who is Anthony Johnson?

According to the infomercial about Equinox Trading, Johnson held a supervisor position with one of the top investment banks. After the collapse of the markets in 2008 which is commonly know as the ‘Global Financial Crisis‘. He decided to get out while he could but took 4 of the Banks best traders with him. Apparently, he just traded privately for a number of years after that with very wealthy clients, until he invented the Equinox Trading Software.

It was at this time he decided to release the trading software to just 50  members of the general public to beta test his new creation. We are told this testing went extremely well and this is why he is now offering the opportunity to more lucky people, 50 to be exact. I’ll go over the option robot results and the software in just a minute.

Background checks…

We did some fairly deep background checks on Mr Johnson and we found out some startling facts. In his first presentation of the Equinox Trading software, he claimed to be part of Equinox Holdings. Now, usually, with a scam, the company doesn’t exist.

Equinox Trading Software Scam examination. Screen shot of presenter and liar Anthony Johnson and false ceo of equinox holdings

But surprisingly as you can see below, in this case, Equinox Holdings does exist but the problem is, it has nothing at all to do with Financial Trading! It is actually associated with the Fitness industry and has clubs in various countries around the world.  This can also be confirmed with other reputable binary options review websites.

Equinox Trading Software Scam accessment. Screen shot of the real equinox holding company

As you can see, the evidence is clear. Johnson has randomly picked a company name out of a hat and called it his own. A real telltale sign of a Binary Options Scam! He’s probably only connected to one company, a Swiss bank account where he keeps the money he’s swindled out of trusting individuals.

This is Equinox Tradings first mistake and there are plenty more to come.

Equinox Trading Software winning history

The scammers behind Equinox Trading Software would let us believe that they have made a mouth-watering $14 million dollars. They have managed to accumulate this staggering amount in just 2 years. In addition, the equinox Trading Software has been displaying a winning rate of….wait for it…. 96% ITM!

Now, you would have to agree, that’s quite incredible! And you’ll also, probably agree quite impossible. I have been involved with Trading for a number of years now. And I have never come across a man, woman or child or a piece of high tech Binary Trading Software that works that well. Binary options robot results can be wonderful but not that good!

It’s just not possible!!

You may have sessions where you will be able to attain an ITM of 100% but then on other days, it may drop below 60-70%. This is normal, it evens it’s self out. As long as you keep your average above say, 75%, then you are making a fair profit for the risk. Anything less is just not worth it.

Therefore, whenever you see a binary option robot auto trading software promotion implying you can win 96 percent of the time. I’m sad to say,  they are blatantly lying to you!

For this reason, you need to stay well away from the Equinox Trading Scam and crooks like this!

How does the Equinox Trading Software work?

Well, that’s a very good question.

As a result, I have watched the video presentation several times and looked everywhere on their home page. I cannot find any actual details on how does the binary option robot work.  They state is has “Bare Metal Performance” with their own super-fast servers located across the globe. Their “super-speed Equinox network provides low-latency and a massive capacity bandwidth connection. Providing you with super fast winning trades no matter where you are in the world.

First of all, BMP is designed for virtual machine applications, but let’s pretend the Equinox Trading software actually is the fastest system on the market for placing trades.

What strategy is it using to decide what trades to place??

Anything or anyone can place trades as quickly as it takes to press a button. But you need a strategy, an algorithm or some indicators to follow. Equinox has not revealed any brain or thinking behind this software at all. Not even a vague hint.

I can only surmise that there is no method! There is not a technological strategy! Apart from the one to try and part you from your money.


During our Equinox Trading Scam Review, we’ve already uncovered Anthony Johnson as fraud but there is more.

I recognise more than one of the other testimonials used in the presentation. One of them I still actually have a screenshot of from a previous Binary Options Auto trading Scam. It was called BankTrackerBot.com. I would leave a link for you to double check yourself but the site has been taken down and removed, obviously for being a bogus Scam. You’ll have to take my word on it but I have photo proof below.

Equinox Trading Software Scam analysis. Screen shot of fake testimonial from this scam.jpg2

And a little blast from the past….

Equinox Trading Software Scam analysis. Screen shot of fake testimonial from another scam.jpg2

As you can see, the people behind the Equinox Trading Scam are not being totally honest with us.

Equinox Trading Review – Conclusion

Unfortunately, I have not witnessed anything during our appraisal and investigations regarding Equinox Trading that would make me believe it is anything but a dishonest money making scheme. Consequently, I have to declare that it is a Scam!

There are no grounds whatsoever to think otherwise. The owners of this Software Scam have not demonstrated any factual evidence to back up their claims. There is no realistic trading system behind the selection of trades, only the reassurance that the trades will be taken “Super-Fast” This would lead me to believe you will lose your hard-earned cash super-quick too!

The production has several features that make similar Trading Scams stand out from the rest.  That being, a pushy scarcity county and more importantly unrealistic profit expectations, to mention a few.

Final Review Verdict: Equinox Trading Software is a Scam!

Finally, On a lighter note…

Making money with options trading is very possible, and regardless what you hear. It is possible with Free Binary Options Trading Software, you just have to be extremely careful and do your research. Our aim here is to steer you clear of dangerous Scam like this one and point you in the safe direction. We would only recommend Binary Options Winners that we have tested personally. Check out some recent YouTube video results, we made over $1500 with one excellent Auto Trader. I think you will be impressed.

We also have a trusted Signal page with some excellent performers. Our latest being Epix Trader which we have a fully detailed review for and signed up for. It has already doubled our $250 deposit so we’re very pleased with it. Click this link to take a look or the banner below. We will be releasing videos on the results over the next few days.

Winning Auto-Trader Signal service at present is:

software binary sign up banner for scam review

Epix Trader software forex sign up banner for scam review

Thank you for reading our Equinox Trading Software Scam Review. We hope we have helped give you the crucial information you deserve to know to stay clear of this dangerous scam.

Please feel free to leave any comments below with questions or experiences, they are important to us. Also, please share our Scam Review, it helps to pass the word to other possible victims.

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You can also contact us anytime at [email protected]
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Have you had any experiences with the Equinox Trading Software or any other Binary Options Services?

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2 Responses to “Equinox Trading Software – Honest Review – Is Equinox a Scam?”

  1. Wow what a Scam Equinox trading is! I’ve been watching your YouTube videos with United Trading. That looks like a proven money maker. Thank you, I’m trying it out too now!

    1. Michael J says:

      Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed our United Trading results videos. We’re very happy with that Autotrader and expect even more with Epix Trader too. Happy Trading!

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