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Through the experience, our Team has had and through the experiences of others, we have collected together a selection of Binary Options Brokers who have given poor Customer Service or behaved in an unscrupulous manner. This may range from simply making it difficult for Traders to Withdraw their Profits to advising them badly and carelessly causing them to lose their investments, sometimes their whole retirement fund. Either way, we will not stand for it and will do everything possible to warn people about their fraudulent operations.

Also, there are lots of people interested in Binary Options but have very little knowledge or experience so they turn to the many Automated or Semi-Automated Trading Systems which are in the industry. Most of these I will tell you now do not work, they will promise you vast amounts of Profits in a short amount of time and this will simply not happen, you will just slowly watch your Brokers account empty itself into these Scammers pockets.

I plan to write extensive reviews on as many of these I can get information on and will inform you through our Articles page. We will not leave any stone unturned to reveal the real whole truth about these Trading Systems and the crooks behind them. Until then, I have formulated a list below of the Systems you should stay away from as we have already discovered them to be Scams and will not make you any money in the slightest.

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Binary Options Brokers to stay away from

XP Markets, Amber Options, TraderXP, VIP Binary, BK Trading, Safe24Options, EmpireOption, Traders King, Cedar Finance, Global Trader 365, OptiMarkets, BetonMarkets.

Binary Options Scams (Trading Software)

Ice9 Technology, TradeFusion, Magnetic ProfitCoffee Cash Cheat, Easy Money Method, Cash Crew, Master Sniper Trading, MockingBird Method, Auto Wealth Bot, Channel Ranger, The Banker Profit System, Profit Stackers, Millionaire Shield, Binary Options Robot, MMATC, Legal Insider Bot, Rock the Stock, Binary Boom, Binary Matrix Pro, Trade Sniper, 5K Daily Profit Club, Safe Zone Strategy, Crazy ATM, Profits Today, Samaritan System, Real Profit, 10K in 7 Days, Inner Trading Circle, 50K Mission, Auto Profit Signals, Profit with Cindy, 7 Figure Club, Profit Maximizer.

There are a few Automated Trading Systems which do actually work but they are few and far between, after in-depth investigations we may recommend some of these, but only when we are sure they are legit. You will see we have Mike’s Auto Trader on our Home Page, this is a Trading System we have heard great things about and we are happy to promote it. Read our Review HERE.

If you have been had any experience with any of these Systems or with any other we have not mentioned we would like to hear from you so we can warn others. Contact us at [email protected]


Information on Binary Options Scammers
Binary Options Boomerang,
Here you will find our list of Blacklisted Binary Options Brokers and AutoTrading Software products. If you come across any of these on our lists, do not be enticed by them. They are only out to Scam you and not to help you make money!

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