Binary Diploma Review – Real Binary Options Training or another Big Scam??

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Binary Diploma Review – Opportunity to learn Binary Options Trading or a Scam?

Read our Honest Scam Review for the answers!

Boomerang Rating: (2 / 5)

Binary Diploma presents it’s as a modern day online learning centre. But there’s more beneath the shiny new website and the tempting professional courses they offer. At first glance, I have to admit I was quite impressed with the layout of the page and its presentation.

But after taking a closer look a few things started to catch my eye that just didn’t seem right. My Spider senses were tingling so to speak! There’s something about this product I do not trust. So it was time to investigate and uncover the truth.

The following review will point out some quite disturbing facts we found. I plan to expose them all in our Binary Diploma Scam Review.

binary diploma dishonest money making scheme featured image in scam review

How much does the expert training cost?

Well, here’s where is starts to get interesting. There is no mention of a fee, none at all! Now, I don’t know about you. But I have enrolled in dozens of online courses for various thing over the years. Some were quite cheap, free in fact and some were very expensive. But I always knew the cost before I signed up. 

That’s kinda standard protocol.

Our presenter of the Binary Diploma Brian Davis leads us through a cleverly scripted video explaining all the benefits. But not once he mentions the price. Is he ashamed of how expensive it is? Is he going to quietly slide it in later after registering with Binary Diploma?

Well, actually no. He’s going to do something even more devious than that. They are going to convince you to deposit money into one of their Binary Options Brokers and explain that it’s yours to trade with. You’ll probably lose the lot, you’re a novice after all. Usual minimum deposit is $250. After I clicked on the ‘Register Now’ button, I was redirected to another page. Here I was politely asked to follow 3 steps.

binary diploma review get access in 3 ways hustle image in scam review

Now that sounds fine, doesn’t it?

Well, yes. If I was registering for automatic trading service or something, not educational studies.

I always inform all my keen day-traders that wish to use our trusted and recommended signal providers exactly the same. Most of the software suppliers give it away free for a short time. But of course, you need funds in your account so the Binary options Trading Robots have some funds to trade with.

But I see a problem here…

Binary Diploma is not advertising cutting edge binary robot software. It’s options trading for beginners. So why do you need to fund an account?

Now, I do not know for sure.

But I would imagine they are going to say “While you’re learning these new trading skills you can try them out on a real account, under the supervision of an expert watching over your shoulder”

Now, this might sound perfectly fine. Of course, the students are going to need to place some trades and try out some strategies they have learned.

But I ask you this….

Why are they not being advised to use a Binary Options Demo account? Lots of Brokers have them! Every reputable Scam review blog and educational website will encourage a newbie day trader to use a Demo account. It’s the safest way to hone your skills without losing your hard earned money.

There is no reason whatsoever for you to need a real fully funded account to learn Binary Options Trading, especially beginners with little to no experience. Unless of course, you want them to lose their cash to your brokers!

The Binary Diploma Scam is starting to unfold…

Let’s take a look at the senior instructor – Who is Brian Davis?

Considering this man is the head of training for the Binary Diploma Scam (I’m going to just start calling it a scam from now on, because that’s what is it. And, I’ll prove it without a shadow of a doubt shortly) I could not find this character anywhere on the internet. He’s not a well know professor, lecturer or guru in the financial trading industry. We can on find association with which is not surprising. review and liar Brian Davis senior instructor for image in scam review

Davis brags about the successful students will receive a Binary Diploma Certificate on completion of the course. Apart from the fact, I don’t know why you would want that. It doesn’t actually mean anything. Are you going to put it on your CV when you apply for a job on Wall Street? No, I doubt it, besides, most people that want to learn to want to be trading options for income from home.

Furthermore, how convincing and impressive will a Binary Diploma Certificate look coming from a guy called Brian that absolutely no-one in the industry has ever heard of? Would you trust it’s credentials?

It’s not worth the paper it’s written on!

Ok, let’s move on to the final nails in the coffin for Binary Diploma Scam

During the Binary Diploma review which we look at it from every angle and turned over ever rock to find the truth. A lot of Binary scams are easy to spot just by looking at the home page. However, in the case of the Binary Diploma review, we had to dig a little deeper.

I know for a fact they had used some false testimonies on their website. Several other Binary Diploma reviews written by other trustworthy blogs had exposed the true identities of them. After this unfortunate bombshell came to light the scammers behind the site took them off completely. This was just a few days ago so they probably think they are in the clear now.

Hmm….Think again, little men…

If you click on their ‘About Us’ page,  they proudly show an image of their top Binary Diploma team members.

binary diploma review team of false employees for evidence in scam review

They are “dedicated financial and trading professionals” and with the combination of experience and knowledge they can provide comprehensive trading courses and course materials that demonstrate and describe important elements of binary options trading.

They will prepare you for success! So they say…..

Sorry, but I disagree!

Take a look at the two smiley chappies in the middle. While I was probing around the web for the Binary Diploma review I found these guys. They must be busy men, they’re working everywhere!

binary diploma assessment. found fake employee for evidence in scam review

Source –

One is an Events Manager for a Global Security Group: 

That could actually be real, as his name checks out and he’s connected to that company. He’s obviously had his identity stolen.

The second misfit below was found on an instructional website on ‘How to work on the Web’. I’m pretty sure this was used from a stock photo service as I’ve seen the others from their website in another binary options scam.

binary diploma employee imposter for evidence in scam review

Source –

As you can see, the people behind Binary Diploma Scam are not being totally honest with us.

Binary Diploma Review – Conclusion

Although from the outside in the eyes of a keen wannabe trader, Binary Diploma might seem like the perfect solution. But it’s really not, it doesn’t even come close. Even if there wasn’t some money stealing scheme behind this, I would still say it’s not worth the trouble or the risk. From a professionals point of view, looking at what they are offering does not sound anything extraordinary. 

The Gold Diploma is really basic which you can learn anywhere on the web.  And, to be honest, the Platinum memberships touches on some of the necessary technical aspects of trading but you can also find a binary options tutorial on these everywhere especially YouTube. You should not be going anywhere near a real funded account while you’re still understanding binary options. Do not start with your own money until you have become proficient or you will lose your cash unnecessarily. 

This is the motive behind the Binary Diploma Scam. They have little to no intention to teach you to become a self-sufficient trader. They will quite happily sit back and watch you lose all your balance and probably blame it on you making mistakes while executing your trades. Do not trust these scam-artists!

Final Review Verdict: Binary Diploma is a Scam!

If you are looking how to trade binary options successfully we advise you to do you thorough research before you decide which services you use. Always use a Demo account with a Broker before trading for real. If you decide to use Binary Options auto robots, again research it heavily. We are dedicated to reviewing brokerages, Softwares and any other services. You can be sure what you read here is honest and backed with facts.

We will not recommend them unless we have tried them ourselves. We have a selection of trustworthy signal providers that may suit your needs, you will not need to learn as much as manual trading with the help of software. Feel free to watch my last testing results on YouTube, we made over $1500 in just a few weeks, it’s an excellent performer!

Winning Auto-Trader Signal service at present is:

 software binary sign up banner for scam review

Epix Trader software forex sign up banner for scam review

Thank you for reading our Binary Diploma Scam Review. We hope we have helped give you the crucial information you deserve to know to stay clear of this dangerous scam.

Please leave any comments below with questions or experiences, they are important to us. Also, please share our Scam Review, it helps to pass the word to other possible victims.

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Have you had experiences with Binary Diploma or any other Binary Options Services?

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