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We have one philosophy here and we call it Boomerang Trading! It’s not one strategy but the sum of many and any strategy that will work and generate money! It maybe a high tech Auto-Trader with intelligent algorithms to predict the market or old school indicators which when used properly with charts can give you profitable results. In fact, if we find a system where you need to stand on one leg before you place an investment, as long at it gives us positive results we will share it with you!

Our goal and commitment to you is to investigate every Binary Options Service, Auto Trading Systems, Signal providers including Brokers. We will test as many as possible, uncover the truth and give you our honest and comprehensive Reviews so you can see for yourself what you can trust and what to stay away from.

Unfortunately, because there is a lot of money to be made with Binary Options Trading, scammers are everywhere. But with our highly experienced team, we will expose them all and point you in the right direction of services you can trust. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog for instant reports straight to your inbox, don’t be caught out and don’t miss new winning systems as we discover them. You can see our trusted systems here on our Recommended Signals page and also the Scams we have already uncovered here on our Blacklisted page.

Bottom line is, Boomerang Trading is about seeing good returns! Like our slogan says…

It’s only an investment when it returns to you!

We will only recommend Services that can deliver 75% or above winning rates and ones we can prove to you. Anything below this is quite frankly not enough and we will only make you lose money. These are like throwing sticks and expecting them to come back to you! They won’t, they will just empty your account of your hard earned cash!

Boomerang Trading = Returns!

The desire for making money at home online is becoming more and more popular, whether it be to earn a few extra Dollars for a nice Holiday or a New Car, or in the hope you can generate enough income to replace your present full-time job. Binary Options Trading is rising to the top on this subject and it’s popularity is growing from strength to strength. This is due to its simplicity, very lucrative rewards and accessibility, basically, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. This makes Binary Options available for almost everyone and the rewards can be life changing!

We have a Broker Cash Back and a Special Signals Group Offer at the bottom of the page to help get you started.

What are Binary Options?

Trading with Binary options has one basic principle, you have to simply decide if the price of the Financial Market will Rise (Call) or Fall (Put) from the price it is when you execute your Trade, in a selected time frame. This can be as short as 30 seconds, 30 minutes or an hour, a day or even longer. You can choose to Trade with Forex Pairs like EUR/USD, Commodities like Coffee, Indices and Stocks, like Amazon or even Facebook. One of the unique advantages of Trading with Binary Options is that you know exactly what your payout will be with the investment you have made before you have even placed the Trade, this will range from 70-85% depending on your Broker and the Asset you have chosen. So essentially, if you pick Up or Call as the term is and the price closes higher than at the time you placed the Trade, 60 seconds later you could Win and receive 85% profit on your investment! Which I’m sure you’ll agree is very tempting.

 Now, this is a big business for obvious reasons and only getting bigger, unfortunately, this has attracted some very unscrupulous people who are not acting as honest as we all would like. There are some untrustworthy Binary Options Brokers that are quite happy to take your money but are not as willing to return it to you. Along with them, there are advertisements everywhere for Trading Signals and Automated Trading Software Systems, so many in fact it’s hard to judge which ones to trust and try, and which ones to ignore. They are so enticing and look so genuine but I promise you, most are designed to take your money and Trade your balance away. They are definitely not going to make you a millionaire overnight like some almost guarantee you. That is simply impossible and just a lie!

Financial Trading with Binary Options and being successful is not as easy as just picking Call or Put though, take some time to learn some Proven Strategies. Some Strategies can give you over 80% winning rates if you follow them carefully and exercise patience. You might prefer to take the route of using a Signal Provider or an Automatic/Semi-Automatic piece of Trading Software, if you do, research it fully before committing yourself. Again I suggest you take a look at our Blacklisted page for Services to avoid and our Recommended Signals for Trading Software that you can trust and that really works! All of them will have been carefully selected before we endorse them.

Choosing a Broker

To start Trading you need to choose a Broker, but as we mentioned earlier some Brokers can not be trusted, there is obviously no point in building up your account if you can not withdraw your profits when you want to. Always try to use Regulated Brokers, now unfortunately even some Regulated Brokers have found small loopholes in the system to make it difficult for you to win and even more so to withdraw your cash. Through intensive investigations, Binary Options Boomerang have compiled a list of Brokers that we have found to be the most Trustworthy in the industry. You will notice in their reviews some of these Brokers we have favored are not Regulated by any governing body but they have all been selected due to their good reputation throughout the whole industry and have few if any complaints against them.

Unfortunately, it is against the Law for people in the U.S. to Trade Binary Options and thus, they can only use Brokers that are not Regulated. The upside to this is we do now have a few Unregulated Brokers that have stepped up and are conducting their business in an extremely professional manner. We consider all of these our Top Rated Brokers, they are extremely trustworthy and we have no hesitation in recommending them to you, so much so, we are offering you a sign up ‘Boomerang Cash Back‘ deal as an introductory offer! You can receive between $40 and $50 Cash Back depending on which Broker you choose after you have placed a deposit with them.*

Here are our 3 Top Rated Binary Options Brokers

Broker Info Cash Back US Traders Open Account
Cherry Trade Assets: 60+
Payout: Up to 81%, 500% with One Touch and 1500% on Ladder Options.
Demo Account: No
Min Deposit: $200
Boomerang $40 Cash Back! Visit Broker Read Review
Tradorax Assets: 100+
Payout: Up to 89% and more with other Options
Demo Account: No
Min Deposit: $250
Boomerang $50 Cash Back! USA Allowed Visit Broker Read Review

You will not see us recommending lots of Brokers on this Website, we believe that Quality is more important than Quantity. We will only deal with services that we can trust and will look after our Traders with respect and integrity. If you do have any problems with any of them please inform us straight away and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have, but we are confident you will be in safe hands. We may add more to this select few if other Brokers have proven they are trustworthy and have a good track record.

Special Offer!

Now, after you have selected a Broker that suits your needs and have Cash Back in your pocket there is only one place to go, ‘Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group on FaceBook‘. It’s a Signals Group like no other and when you register with one of our Binary Options Brokers you can gain Free Access! Their Signals are consistently above 65%, which is where the profits are and, in fact, their Administrators Signals are usually between 75% to 90% which is unbelievably accurate. Michael Freeman created this group, he is the leading authority in Binary Options and has helped thousands of people become successful in Binary Options, there are over 9ooo members now! It is simply the Best Signals Group online and no other comes close. These guys will definitely increase your balance every day and you’ll learn a great deal as well along the way.

I’ve spent a lot of time in that group and have watched it evolve into something very special so I guarantee you will not be disappointed, take a look at my insider Review. This Free entry alone is priceless and joining this group will certainly start you off on the right path, don’t worry if you have never Traded before, there are lots of people there to help you and I’ll even give you some personal coaching to help you read the Signals correctly. I can not recommend it highly enough! You can also gain Free entry through Mike’s Auto Trader, read our full Review HERE.

Please feel free to Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions, would like any advice about choosing a Broker or you would like to apply for the offer. We are here to help you in any way we can!

If you are interested in this offer do not deposit any funds until you have emailed us as there are a few procedures to complete to sync you with the Broker.

*Conditions may apply to receive this offer.

Our Broker Ratings

Broker Cash Back Rating Review Open Account
Cherry Trade Boomerang $40 Cash Back! 94 Review Visit Broker
Tradorax Boomerang $50 Cash Back! 92 Review Visit Broker

Important Risk Note: Trading Binary Options can generate substantial benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full loss of funds. Please read our Disclaimer.

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